Permanent Makeup


How to book?

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What is permanent makeup?

  • Permanent makeup is the process of adding micro-pigmentation to the upper layer of the skin, also known as cosmetic tattooing.

How permanent is it?

  • Permanent makeup does not last forever. In general, fading occurs and requires periodic touch-up appointments to keep the pigment fresh. On average, clients return every 1 – 2 years for a touch-up. The longevity of the permanent makeup varies from each individual depending on lifestyle, skin, colors of the pigment used, topical products applied, and the artist’s methods when doing the procedure.

What type of permanent cosmetic procedures do we offer, and what are your recommendations?

  • 6-D Microblading Brows: The tattoo process of using a blade to mimic tiny brow hairs, adding texture, and filling in gaps of the brows. The hair strokes are meant to replace individual hairs for a very natural look. Microblading eyebrows are the least permanent of all the brow styles because of the shallow depth required for the single hairlines. Clients will come back on average at the 8-12 months mark to have the color refreshed. It is best for clients who want a subtle shape enhancement. It is not recommended for someone with oily skin as the pigment will not adhere well for longevity. 
  • Ombre Shading Brows: The look of powder shading that is lighter in the front and darker at the ends to achieve fuller, natural-looking brows. Ombre shading produces the look of having the brows filled in with pencil or shadow, giving it a fuller and more defined look but still maintaining a natural appearance. It is longer lasting with clients coming back on average at 12-18 months mark to have the color refreshed. It works for most skin types, including oily or combination skin. 
  • Combo Brows: Cannot decide between microblading and ombre? Get both! We offer combo brows, which consist of hair strokes in the front and powder shading at the end of the brow. 
  • Eyeliner: Precise liner that assists in enhancing the upper and lower lash line to improve or even change the eye’s shape. We offer liner for the top, bottom, or both parts of the eye line. Cosmetic eyeliner is recommended for those that love the look of liner every day. Clients will come back on average at the 12-18 months mark to have the color refreshed. 
  • Lip Blushing: Enhances natural lip color, defines the shape of the lips, and gives the illusion of fullness. It is recommended for anyone that wants to wake up without wearing lipstick but still having color on, or those that wants to enhance the shape of their lips. The pigments last anywhere from 12-24 months. 

What to expect at your appointment?

  • The first appointment will be approximately 2 – 2.5 hours. The artist will have a detailed discussion on your desired look and will create a template with a liner on your face, shaping the area until you both are satisfied with the appearance! Once when you are ready, the artist will apply a topical anesthetic, and the process of pigment application will begin.
  • The touch-up appointment is generally shorter, lasting approximately 1 – 1.5 hours. The same process applies as the first appointment, but since the shape is already there, the appointment will require less time.

What is a touch-up appointment, and do I need it?

  • We recommend all of our cosmetics permanent makeup clients set a touch-up appointment to protect the longevity of your investment!
  • There are two types of touch-ups:
    • Touch-ups within 60 days of the initial procedure: Often, the color and the shape of the tattoo are perfected at the touch-up appointment as everyone heals and recovers from the initial process differently. During the touch-up appointment, we follow-up on the detail work to perfect the original work. At all of our Sidney Le ™ locations, we offer a complimentary touch-up appointment after your initial procedure is complete! The appointment can be performed no sooner than four weeks from the initial appointment to allow the skin to heal fully. The complimentary appointment will also have to be with the original artist and performed no later than 60 days of the initial procedure date.  
    • Touch-up appointments 1-2 years after the initial procedure: Do you feel your brows need a refresh in color? Fading is natural as time goes on and the skin sheds. We do offer a discount for returning clients within this time-frame for a refreshing touch-up!  

What to expect after your permanent makeup appointment? What is the aftercare?

  • The cosmetic tattoo immediately after the procedure will appear darker, more prominent, and may look swollen. In approximately ten days, the area will soften, shrink, and appear more natural. Please allow approximately 4-weeks for the area to completely heal. Trust the process!
  • Do not get them wet for the first week. Are you worried about getting them wet? Shower visors are available at all Sidney Le ™ locations in sets of seven. We got you covered for each day of the week! 

Is the procedure painful?

  • Pain tolerance varies from each individual; some think it tickles while others experience mild discomfort. At Sidney Le ™ locations, we do use topical anesthetics, developed specifically for cosmetic tattoos, which may assist in discomfort management.

Is permanent makeup safe?

  • Go to a trusted professional! Yes, you are safe at any of our locations! All Sidney Le ™ artists are well versed on safety codes and ensure the implementation of sterilization and disinfection by guidelines!