reviewI've always adored Sidney's work! She's accomplished so much! 

I've always adored Sidney's work! She's accomplished so much! I've gone to her lash parties & had long mi lashes done by her! I love the technique and how it's so different from all the other lashes I had done by others! From clusters, singles, & novalash. My experience with nova lash compared to long mi is a big difference! Long mi lashes lasted so much longer than the novalash, especially in this allergy season where I can't help but rub my eyes! Yes.. I can't help but tug on my lashes but even if I did that, I STILL HAD A LOT OF LASHES ON! It looks extremely natural when I was at my 5-7 week, people thought I was using Latisse! I shower in them and everything! I didn't have that extremely heavy feel or see them in my eyesight! (Well my eye lashes also didn't point down either)

I absolutely love Sidney's work! And that she can book me in tight spots last minute!  She will really work with you! She makes you her priority! She'll always make sure you really like it and not to BS her! She wants true reviews! If you honestly don't like what you got, speak up! Cause she won't let you go unsatisfied. I like artist like that! Someone who shows that they extremely care for their work and customers/clientele. I always look forward to seeing her! She's has a good heart, extremely generous and doesn't care about making money off people but making them happy! She'll always hook it up and give you, your money's worth! She's someone with talent not just a person with a license. I rather work with someone who can work with what I want, not just do some crap job and tell me  "ok done, it'll be $$$" not even seeing if I'm satisfied.. 

Thank you Sidney for everything!



reviewSidney is magnificent! This is your one stop beauty to go. She has great makeup palettes & lashes for sale because she knows what's great for us gals.

Sidney is magnificent! This is your one stop beauty to go. She has great makeup palettes & lashes for sale because she knows what's great for us gals. My I had cut my hair short, I regretted doing so. I contacted her to do my hair extensions. She is really good about getting back to you as soon as possible. She made me so happy because once again, I have long hair while waiting for my short one to grow.

While I was there, I learned if her EYELASH EXTENSIONS method. I am a cosmetics beauty advisor and I wear falsies everyday. I get so tired of gluing it on every morning so she told me that I won't regret it. Heck, I love Sidney so why not try it they'll fall off eventually. Yeah right! I've had mine for SIX months now. I try to refill them once a month but sometimes I get busy and don't go till between 4-6 weeks. THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER SPENT ON! She takes her time with EACH lash and makes sure that you feel comfortable at the same time. I didn't come back until around twith months and boy do I tell you, THEY STILL LOOKED FULL! It was incredible that someone could do such beautiful lash extensions and save me so much time. I've gotten nothing but marvelous comments on my lashes. Some people even  think they're my natural lashes! She is amazing and I rave about her to everyone!


reviewGreat makeup artist!

I usually do my own makeup but I decided to use a makeup artist for my graduation... considering the fact that I will be taking lots of pictures and will have them framed too.  I also wanted to use a makeup artist to see how a professional would do my makeup and the fact that Sidney was MAC certified meant I would get that dramatic look I was looking for!  Had tried a Smashbox artist before but he played it too safe and was way too neutral even though I had told him I wanted a dark smokey eye.  I am so glad that Sidney not only listened to my wants, but also is very helpful in advising me on what to do to replicate the look.  She was very accomodating to the time I needed (8AM to be exact!) and was really nice to talk to.  She was also very good in that she gave me options on the base color for my lids and let me pick it out so that I could feel like I was actually part of the process.  

As for my graduation, I received so many compliments about my makeup.  One friend said to me "Wow, you're makeup is on point!"  Thanks again Sidney Le for making my graduation memorable!




reviewSidney is amazing!! The only way I know how to describe her is by comparing her to Cinderella's Fairy Godmother on the night she meets her Prince!

She will get you dolled up to perfection for your big event whether it's for prom, photoshoots, wedding, graduation, girls night out where you want to look extra sassy, or for any other engagement. Sidney showed up at 5 am to my sister's house to get us ready for her big day. She worked really fast and her outgoing personality will make you feel so comfortable that all the nervousness will go away, which is a big relief, especially with the hectic time schedule of getting everyone ready.

My impression of Sidney is that she takes her work seriously; your big day is her big day so you don't have to worry about her being late or messing up your hair or make up. She was also a senior make up artist at MAC which means she got skills!! A lot of my friends have also utilized her services and everyone agrees on how magnificent she is! You can really tell that Sidney has passion for what she does, and she won't disappoint! My only advice for booking her is to book early because she fills up fast. We made our appointment a year in advance. Call, text, or email her.. She responds quickly.